cant fix hard drive (win8 only)

i put win win8 only because i can only do things on win8 i have desktop with win7 but i cant access it very well/not at all. so i am having problems accessing my toshiba canvio 1tb 3.0 usb drive i have lots of info hopefully someone can help. chkdsk shows an error (696e647863686b2e 1234) with "chkdsk /f" command without the /f it has no issues. hdtune shows an error interface crc error count @ 1154 at the moment. neither partition wizard or disk manager can format/delete/new partition except for change letter. i have two partitions a 16gb fat32 and the rest is ntfs and the fat32 is accessible (cant delete partition but can put files in it) but the ntfs partition is where im having problems. in device meanager now sometimes it shows WPDSystem Volume Driver and sometimes just shows the drive letter. ive done alot to try to get it to work and also it still has my files in the ntfs partition(partition wizard). if need pics i can upload them.

Note:i say im on win8 but im actually on 8.1

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