Windows 7 Cant get non OS partitioned RAID 0 config to recognize


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I had my main XP set up on a raid 0 layout. I then installed win 7 on a different hard drive non raid. All went well but now in windows 7 it sees a hard drive but thinks it needs to be formatted. It is a fully functioning NTFS RAID 0 set up in Windows XP. I have the vista raid drivers for my motherboard on my desktop but cant figure out how to load them in like should i install those drivers for each of the hard drives in the raid 0 set up or do i install the drivers while clicked on ide controller or what? I would just like to see my other raid set up so i can move my music and stuff from it. Thanks a lot!

Mobo- Jetway 939GT4-SLI
harddrives (raid 0) 2 X seagate barracuda 3.0gb/s 80gb sata2
I take it you dont have any unknown devices in the device manager then?

It should install the driver as a RAID controller. I would try the latest drivers from Nvidia as I thinks its Nvidia RAID, you shouldnt need to change the driver for the HDD;s, only the controller.