Windows 7 Can't get past choosing custom installation!


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When I tried to choose custom installation so I can put windows 7 on my other partition I get this error

"Windows installation encountered an unexpected error. Verify that the installation sources are accessible, and restart the installation. Error code: 0xE0000100"

Should I just reburn the image at a slower speed or is there something else that could be wrong?

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I had the same issue.

Burn at 1x or 2x and use a good quality DVD

Also, how big is the partition you are trying to install to?
That is OK as long as you don't plan on installing a massive amount of 3rd party apps.

Try using imgBurn for creating the ISO
Ok, I was planning on using imgburn because it can burn it even slower than nero. I used the same partition for the beta version which is why this error confused me. Thanks for the tips, I'll burn it again and see how that goes
Are you dual-booting?

how is your partitioning scheme set up?

Go to Start > Run, type diskmgmt and let me know the drive letters and partitions..

More important, which partition is marked as Boot?
Yeah I'm dual-booting. The drive letters are C: for vista and F: for the other partition. D: is the recovery and E: is the cd/dvd drive. As for which one is marked as boot the vista partition is, C:
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Are you running at least Vista service pack 1?

Is the F: partition listed as unallocated or is it freshly formatted?

If it is formatted, I'd run chkdisk first. Right-click on the drive letter, choose properties, click the Tools tab and hit the Check Now button.

There's a command-line option that takes a long time, but it's a much more thorough check.

I'll have to look up the syntax on that.

Since you're dual-booting, it might be a good idea to use [URL=""]EasyBCD 1.7.2[/URL] if you have any problems booting
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Yeah, I have vista home premium service pack 1. The F: partition has been formatted, it's not unallocated. I just ran chkdisk and I don't think any problems were found. I was thinking that I should just combine the 2 partitions and then repartition again because that worked when I installed the beta
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Don't know if this matters, but it wasn't listed as a primary partition. The main vista partition and recovery were primary partitions along with some random 2.5 GB one, but the windows 7 and some other partition used for a mediadirct button were not primary
Deleating the windows 7 partition and then reformatting it worked! Everything installed perfectly and I'm using it right now. Thank you Reghakr for all of you help and tips :)