Windows 7 Cant install JAVA


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Jan 11, 2009
has anyone installed java on windows 7
I keep getting error 1330......a cab file may be corrupt

I have tried both the online install and offline, searched java site for error code but no luck. I also tried using firefox.
I have successfully installed JAVA on both the 32 bit version and 64 bit version, I didn't get an error with either.. it was the online installs that I did... there may be a file within Windows 7 that has become corrupt.. that would be the only thing I could think of right off hand that would be causing that error.. ;)
I second that which radenight has stated i have successfully installed java on both the 32 bit beta and 64 bit beta versions of windows 7 with no problems. I would recommend going and redownloading java cause it sounds like one of its cab files has become corrupt. It is not a java error it is one windows gives out when it is told to do some like open a file and cant.
Well.....I swear after about trying fifteen different times, it installed :)
kinda weird but expected. Thanks for the reply guys
i am sorry but , let me get this clear.. did you mean java jre or java vm?
the first installed normally with me but the second is not compatible at all ...
on emore thing. is it really needed to install the vm ?
thanks in advanced:)
no problem to install JDK6 on SEVEN


I use Windows Seven 64 bit.

JDK6 was succesfully installed but the target directory is C:\Program Files (x86)

The jvm seems to work fine
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