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Discussion in 'Windows 7 Installation' started by anilthomas26, Jul 29, 2009.

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    I have two HDD(200GB Samsung(8 MB Buffer) and 500 GB Segate(16 MB Buffer)).I recently bought the 500 GB HDD.During the installation I chose a 30 GB drive of my 200 GB HDD(During the selection of partition at the initial stage).Then I got an error like.."Partition cannot be selected or location of partition not found". Then I disconnected the 500 GB HDD.Now there was no error and I installed Win7 on the 30 GB partition on the 200 GB drive.

    Will there be any considerable perfomance difference when Installed on HDD with 8 MB cache and 16 MB cache ?
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    Not much loss certainly some especially for small sequential, but not continuous read/write performance i.e. pagefile access. IMHO if you have enough RAM and arent doing intense gaming you should be fine. It's my understanding (may not be entirely accurate) that write caching is largely done in system memory, the on drive cache is largely but not exclusively used for read caching, when you request a particular byte of data the probability is high that you will need the immediate next or previous piece so it is therefore cached so when you request it it is in fast cache memory rather than the heads having to seek out then read the data directly from disc. It may hurt your Windows Experience Index a little but i don't expect much.

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