can't make audio cds with windows media player 11

Please help me, when I try to put a cd in to make an audio cd, I get the prompt to make an audio cd. I click on that prompt. but when I try to make the play list the cd thinks I am trying to create a Data cd instead. I have created an audio cd recently with this system recently and it worked fine, nothing has changed so why now when i try to make an audio cd it thinks I am trying to make a data cd instead? I have tried installing some nero cd burning systems but of course they are not compatiable with vista. How can I make windows media player burn me audio cds again.


What OS/version of windows media player are you running?
Windows media player should have a drop down at the top of the list pane (play list thing) where you can select burn options.


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For Vista

Digital Music, - StepBySteps I noticed something strange in my Windows Media Player 11. I didn't get the correct drop down menu after I hit the Burn Tab . (After I hit the Rip Tab to check the options out, then closed). I hit the Burn Tab again , then I got the correct menu with the options to burn Audio CD. You might want to play with it a little. I probably should re-install. Windows Media has been (a little off) since I tried a 3rd party burn software.

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I am running version 11.0.6001.7007. When I put a cd in I get the option to make an audio cd, but when I click that choice and windows media player comes up, it tries and make a data cd instead. How can I get it to switch back to audio cd.

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