Can't search my home server


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I am having trouble searching for files on my Windows Home Server using Win 7 Clients.

In Windows explorer, when you enter a name to be searched in the search bar (at the end of the address bar), nothing is shown - it does appear to be searching as the address bar gradually turns green, but never comes to an end.

It works ok searching on the local drive on the client.

I don't have folders indexed as there are a lot of files on the server and therefore probably not enough space for them to be cached on the client.

This is the same on 2 different clients, 1 runs Win 7 Pro and the other Home Premium.

Power pack 3 is installed on WHS and all client windows updates are done.

Any ideas?

I am having the same issue and have not figured it out yet. I am guessing some windows search function is turned off.

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