Can't setup new Win 7 on new box. Loops but got blue screen after a while


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I have been trying for about 8 hours to install my new win 7 on a new box.

I only have a 500GB drive in it and a dvd. The rest is on the mobo.

I have a usb mouse and usb kB plugged in.

I started with the setup DVD and changed language and chose to install. It go to expanding files okay and updates then rebooted back to where I was at the start.

I have tried to Repair but just get nowhere. I am so confused now.

I just redid it again and now get a blue sceen with multiple_irp_complete requests.

I did notice that this time it had allocated a partition 1 to system so I had to choose part 2.

Any help please. I know XP very well but lost here.




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From you comments, it almost looks like the system is booting back into the install DVD after the initial boot. If it is, it should not.

Could you go through your process in a little more detail, it might help see where you are.

But you boot to the DVD and after Windows loads it files, you select the language and the next screen is the install screen.

When you select install, you get to the Partitions window. A small system partition will probably be there if you had a partial install prior. You can use the Disk option on the lower right to partition the drive however you want, but you should select the primary partition for the OS install.

After you select the partition and continue, what happens?


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For a start than you for your time and help.

You're right, it kept going back to the DVD to reinstall.

Anyway after a long time, I decided to unsaet everything in the box and replace one by one. Sure enough it worked after I took one 4GB stick out of the box. I still have not had time to chnage them over or to add theolther to see if it still works, but it did eventually install.

I would have though that at this time in it's evolution it would have told me there was a memory problem.

Still, happy it's now up and running.

I need some help with connecting it now to my current XP msHome network, however I will open another post for that.

Happy Christmas and New Year..



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Every time someone can tie a problem to a solution, it helps us and others. Thanks for taking the time to let us know.

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