Can't use internet while connecting to my phone!

Rahul Saini

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I am using a normal usage budget PC but for data usage I bought a Wifi Receiver. It was working well but now when I connect my PC to my phone's Portable Hotspot I can't use internet.
Everytime I use a browser I get the error code: ERR_PROXY_CONNECTION_FAILED
When I troubleshoot the problem it shows "The remote device won't accept the connection". Why? Any solutions!
Thanks for taking your time to read the thread. Any help will be appreciated! Need urgent help, reply fast please. :(
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Your phone may have the hotspot capability but does your phone provider allow it without an additional fee?

Rahul Saini

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I was using the same hotspot earlier also but today it's not allowing me to use internet however the connection is successful but I can't use data.

Spirit Wolfe

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Again, I ask...

...but does your phone provider allow it without an additional fee?
Your phone carrier CAN tell the difference if you are utilizing your phone as an internet connection to your computer. Websites that are loaded via your phone take up fewer data packets than those that your computer's browser does. If you do not have an unlimited data plan or your plan does not have a hotspot service, there is code built-in to your firmware that can prevent you from accessing the internet from other sources except your phone if you did not pay for it.


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