Windows 8.1 Carrying case for Mid Tower?

Has anyone ever heard of a carrying case for a custom build PC? I'm not talking about the PC case itself but like a bag with wheels or something for a PC, for means of transportation. I Googled 'Mid-Tower PC Carrying Cases' but just found a lot of PC cases themselves. Does anyone know if something like this exists? If it does I would really like to know where I can get one! Thanks! :)


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I don't know of any personally, but I have seen custom handles as after market hardware, so one can carry the case more easily. I also seen platforms with wheels, kinda like a furniture moving dolly at the local office supply OfficeMax and Staples. That are specifically designed for PC's.


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I don't think that you will find a ready made case like you described, but then you aren't very specific. I think the best you could do is to improvise something yourself. For rollers, I would recommend Lian Li WB-01 or WB-02 rollers. As far as the enclosure, you could use a simple cover for local storage. If you wanted something for transport purposes, probably the easiest thing would be to craft a wooden case. You could even pad it in a fashion to protect against impact.


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This is the most presentable transporter that you can get. It's compact and foldable. It's actually a luggage trolley. You just need some padding as shock absorbers for your PC. trolley trolley

Or this one if your CPU will fit (you can get the frame separately) :


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Sweet! Thanks guys! That gives me some new ideas. I would say the closest thing so far to what I was imagining was this one: (See Attached) but I like the idea of a padded wooden case as well. I think that shouldn't be too hard to make.


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Now to solve the issue of where to put the monitor :D

I am thinking probably a second carrying case similar to the one that holds the desktop PC and if you are getting really creative, they will both be interior padded hard shell cases much like a guitar case with the double skateboard wheels. :)))

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