Windows 8.1 Case Fans


Feb 16, 2014
Anyone know what the highest possible RPM you can get out of a 120 / 140 mm case fan is, from any manufacturer, and at any price. With the EXCLUSION of modifying the case fan itself. What is the highest possible 120 / 140 mm case fan you can buy?

You'll have to check the manufacturer specs for each fan you're interested for min and max RPM's.
I use these thermaltake case fans:

2000 RPM speed demons powerful enough to keep my Phenom II x6 processor cool, I run at 44 degrees Celsius and it stays at that medium temp all around (the max temp is 55 degrees Celsius).
Only thing that can get my temp lower is cleaning the dust out of my build, but I am not due for another week.
Other then that, she stays relatively cool even with the stock heatsink.
Ryan, just FYI, it is true that for a given fan, the faster it turns, the more air it will move, but two things to consider:
  1. It isn't linear. If you double the speed, you won't double the air moved, and you rapidly reach diminishing returns where it takes a lot more energy to increase the speed and you gain little additional air movement.
  2. The blades are as important as the speed. Just because one fan has higher RPMs than another, doesn't mean it moves more air.
The thing to compare is CFM (the direct measurement of how much air it moves).
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