CCleaner Behaving Oddly


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mse is microsoft security essentials, good protection re: malware and viruses, think of it as payware for free from windows, does a great job, better, in my estimation, than Avast and far better than AVG, did you runADS Spy? I sure would, it can find malware lurking in registry streams. get it here:
Ah yes I know MSE, but it only has incoming virus protection, although I suppose it's fair to say that the router firewall probably makes up for this deficiency. (?) As Avast! free now seems rather determined that I must have Google Chrome as well, I think I may take your advice re MSE.

oh, enhanced window clleaner has powerful options, as you discovered lol.
Maybe, maybe not. WinTV-7 had to be reinstalled again yesterday, so that may not have been due to W-7's cleaner.

I tried glarysoft, they're not bad, i use wise registry cleaner 7 now, i think it's better, works well with ccleaner, too. You can get it at Wise Registry Cleaner

I've had the Glarys in the past and I've now put WRC on both machines. As Windows 7 is is now OK, WinTV apart, we shall have to wait and see.

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