cd/dvd driver missing

I know this is a touchy subject, but.....

i cant get my dell mini (16gb ssd, 2 gb ram) to install a clean boot of RC1 7100. It sticks at cd/dvd driver missing. what gives with this? does anyone really have an answer?

i have verified the hash, burned at 1x, 2x, 4x, run from a bootable flash drive, stood on my head, etc. What driver is it looking for?

thanks for the help


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Sounds like it is not recognizing ms ahci driver.

Go into BIOS and disable AHCI in the disk controller - switch it to ATA or IDE.

Hope it helps

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the mini9 doesnt have that option in the bios. probably because it uses a flash disk?


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Is there an option to enable legacy usb devices? Try that.


Do you get that error trying to install Vista?

Sometimes works if you boot Vista from cdrom ( in your case usb drive)

Select Repair my computer ( under where it says INSTALL NOW) - select command prompt.

Remove Vista drive and insert 7 drive. Run 7 setup.exe inside the sources folder off the dvd/usb flash drive using command prompt.

Means you need two bootable discs /usb keys.

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no legacy modes

i do not get that error when i install vista.

also, i didnt get that error when i installed RC 6400 ( i think that was the #, it was a previous version of the RC). I only get it with the 7100 version.

i thought the vista to 7 switch would work for sure but it still refuses to pass the driver missing screen

i guess i will just wait for the real version to hit the stores. its not that far away.

thanks for the help


i found the legacy usb entry in the bios. it was enabled. if i disable it the PC doesnt boot from the DVD

well, whatever the problem was with the RC, the retail version didnt suffer from it. It installed no problems.

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