Windows 7 CD / DVD Emulation on Windows 7 x64?


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Dec 17, 2008
I'm trying to find a disc drive emulator for Windows 7 x64, I've tried Daemon Tools but that doesn't work as it's installer seems to think SPTD isn't installed when it is. I've even ran the SPTD x64 installer separately...

Any ideas?

Hi Qjimbo and welcome to the Windows7Forums! :)

Have you tried using Alcohol 120% yet? I'm pretty sure there is a 64 bit edition available..

Here is a link to the companies site.. from there you can download at least a trial version then if it works purchase the full version. I haven't actually tested it on 7 build 6956 64bit yet so I can't say for sure if it will work, but it's worth a shot, It's a good program. Let me know how ya make out! ;)

CD and DVD Burning Software - Alcohol 120% - Alcohol 52% and Alcohol 52% Free

Thanks for the kind welcome!

I just tried Alchohol, and unfortunatly it also seems to suffer from the same issue with SPTD...

Thanks for the kind welcome!

I just tried Alchohol, and unfortunatly it also seems to suffer from the same issue with SPTD...

hmmm, interesting. I will try a couple other not so popular ones and see what happens then I'll report back to ya and let you know how I made out. :)

Curious though can you provide a screnshot of the error? Might help formulate a diagnosis

There is no error per-say... you run the installer, it starts installing SPTD, it asks to reboot to continue installation. You reboot, it launches the installer, and starts installing SPTD again, asks to reboot, and the cycle continues.

I also tried magicdisc, but that didn't work either, the virtual drive installed but was completely unresponsive.

Thank you so much!

Virtual Clone Drive works great :D

Glad to hear you got the problem resolved Qjimbo ;)
I was unable to find any others that would have been worth trying, but I never thought of the ones Iroken22 mentioned. By the way, I'm just curious, which build are you using?

I haven't tried that build. I'm currently using Build 6956.. I wouldn't imagine there would be a whole lot of difference between 6936 and 6956 but since I've never used it I don't know... ;) so out of curiosity does build 6936 have the new taskbar enabled by default? The new start up screen? All the new aero features such as: Aero Peek and Aero Shake? And overall do you find it to be a pretty solid build? Any major problems to report?

Hey did anyone try to install deamon tools (or any other of those programs) without UAC?
I know that when i had UAC on speedfan wouldnt boot at startup (it wouldnt even ask for premmison), if I turn of UAC than speed fan starts normaly.
Maybe the thing that installs the driver at bootup gets stopped by UAC...
PS Is it save to try installing like that? I heard that it screws you machine (deamon tools and stuff)?

I haven't yet tried Virtual Clone drive on build 7000 (X-64 / X32) but most of the other programs attempting the same things fail because of the way they are trying to implement the SCSI Virtual Emulation. I think it will be a "wee while" before this is fixed as it needs access to the source code rather than using standard OEM provided interfaces or a completely new way of implementing this.

This problem even reared its ugly head a while ago when NERO of all people gave up on supporting DRIVE IMAGE in VISTA. (This confusingly is not about "Imaging a drive" but enabling an ISO file to be used as a "Virtual CD/ DVD").

I can live without this particular application anyway as for music (I'm a Dinosaur-- still using MiniDiscs) and use a Windows XP Virtual machine to create virtual CD's from FLAC files and then use Simple Burner to create the Minidisc music.


I am using WinMount 3 on my x64 system.
I put it on the day I installed W7 and it has worked flawlessly so far.