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I tried to post at hardware but it did not respond so I am trying here.

A while ago I made home movies into DVDs which were saved to a format by Ashampoo which I have forgotten but I was warned they could only be played on computers
Now that we are moving away from optical drives, I had a couple of questions;

Can these DVDs be ripped, and if so where can they be stored so they do not get lost, as in hard drive?
I do not know how to rip so would have to have it done.
How can I save future DVDs so they can be played on other than computers? Is it with the camera or the burner?

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There may be a trend to move away from optical drives in the computer industry....maybe at best. But there is no chance of that happening in everyday usage....the DVD/Bluray market is to big right now and I haven't seen anything on the market about a new format to replace the current one. So I wouldn't worry about it.


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I guess I was wondering what to do about the 14 discs I have that can only be played on pcs when pcs phase out the optical.

At my age they will likely have cd/dvd players that can accommodate all extensions/formats.

I was reading about using a downloaded converter to change to a format that your player can accommodate. It does not look like a difficult task except for are variables like region etc. drive.

Mine player is old and it says it cannot play about a million formats but only refers to MPG2 for pictures.

I will leave them as they are and enjoy on pc and later generations can update the player and or use a converter.

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ImgBurn is old but can rip the DVD into an ISO file (Create image file from disk) and save it on your hard drive.

Now you can mount the ISO file and play it as a virtual DVD.
Use something like the free SlySoft Virtual CloneDrive to mount the ISO.

VLC can even play ISO files without mounting them first !



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Can these DVDs be ripped


and if so where can they be stored so they do not get lost, as in hard drive?

You can even store them on a cloud so that if say your computer get set on fire or dropped in the ocean the files themselves can still be downloaded... of course if the internet itself goes tits up then the world prob has bigger issues than your files but thats life.:oops:


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I was looking for a way to store family videos like we used to do with albums in the day. Because I cannot do as you suggest, I will leave them for the kids to do with as they wish. Ideally they would be ripped then saved to disc or usb drive for future use with dvd or usb players or whatever they have down the road.
So thanks for the ideas - they are appreciated. Now no more cussing' in front of your seniors. :hide:

I might suggest they rip them to the hard drive with IMG, save to hard drive then save them to media like ?usb/disc with a format that will be universally accepted by most dvd players.