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As I have to handle pretty big files I lack space on my system partition where the temporary folder is placed by default. I know how to change the location of temp folder in win XP but its killing me when it comes to win 7. I did my best to find a solution but it seems I failed. Is there any chance any of you can guide me through my problem? My work is frozen now and I need your assistance.

Its the %temp% folder im referring to. It is not the problem whats in there(about 15mbs) but whats lands there durring the action that I take and thats over 16 gigs. And while I cannot make more than 7,5gb free on my system partition, the temp folder must be located on the other one which has plenty of free space.

So just moving the content of %temp% to ex. D:/temp/ will solve the problem durring the next run of the operation? I would never think its a way, is it? Back in XP it was like: right click My Computer –> Properties –> Advanced –> Environment Variables –> select temp variable and then click edit

right click Computer –> Properties –> Advanced System Settings –> Advanced tab -> Environment Variables button

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