Changing C: drive letter of installed Windows problem


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I want to change Windows drive letter C:\ to another (in my case W:\).
We all know that it is not possible by easy way, but some tutorials I found, but three times installed Windows 10 Pro it failed.

Here's what I was following:

Start Regedt32.exe as admin
Select Permissions - Verify that Administrators have full control
Quit Regedt32.exe, start Regedit.exe
Find the drive letter you want to change to (new) \DosDevices\C:
Rename \DosDevices\C: to \DosDevices\Z:
Find the drive letter you want changed. Look for \DosDevices\D:
Rename it to the appropriate (new) drive letter \DosDevices\C:
Value \DosDevices\Z: rename back to \DosDevices\D:
Quit Regedit, and then start Regedt32
Change the permissions back to the previous setting for administrators. It should probably be Read Only

Really I see that it looks like these steps:

login as admin (I have single account and it is admin)
start regedt32
confirm admin permissions to full control
start regedit
enter HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\MountedDevices (here I see that not matter if I open regedt32 or regedit it has selected the same key)
rename \DosDevices\C: to \DosDevices\Z: (Z is temporary)
rename \DosDevices\D: (or selected which will be C:) to \DosDevices\C:
rename \DosDevices\Z: rename to selected letter, e.g. \DosDevices\W:
start regedt32
set admin permissions back to the previous setting (never was change)

Last time I tried to change also system variables - and it bit helped, but finally not success.
When I did not changed system variables it was always hanging at boot.
When I changed system variables, it at least breaks to BSOD.
I changed system variables by command line. Is it enough or it needs also modify registry items (I know where they're located)?

Where do I the mistake?

Thank youall for each help, replyor comments.



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I have to ask why would you want to do this? Also you're likely to break every program on the computer and anything else that has paths hard coded.


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Purpose is to leave run software specific for non-standard tasks and also to leave running 16-bit DOS/Windows applications in default mode by NTVDM64.
I have no problem to apply all pissible waysm I know that talking that, evelrno