Windows 10 Changing the path in which programs are stored in windows 10


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Several years ago I gave my sister a T500 which I had previously owned and had upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

She no longer needs or desires it, but I have use for it.

All of the programs and default new paths are currently set up in:

C:\Users\Sisters Name\Folder

How do I change all existing and new locations to either:

C:Users\My Name\Folder

or other (e.g.: This PC -> Folder), or other ?
You create a new user using your name. Do you need the info stored under your sister's name?
If you don't, just delete your sister's account after you created a new one with your name and admin privileges.
If you need the info, then there's nothing else to do, but to create a new account with your name and use the info from where it is stored or transfer the info folder by folder to your folders.
All the programs installed are found somewhere else and if you delete your sister's account you won't lose them. You'll only lose settings she did in each program.

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Thank you for your rapid response.

I do have an account on the T500, and I do have Administrative Authority.
I have deleted my Sister's Account, but she is still listed in C:\Users.

When I look Properties via:

This PC -> Windows 7 _OS(C) -> Users -> My Sister's Name

I see that it contains ~ 3,185 Folders and 8,292 files

whereas my User -> Name includes only

33 Folders and 163 Files.

How, specifically, is the safest and best way to transfer all of those (Folders/Files) from my Sister's Folder to My Folder ?

I would like to do some "housekeeping".

I no longer have the original CDs, but if I can find the Product Keys, I had considered reloading Windows 10, but want to ensure that I can retain the Microsoft Office.

I have Microsoft Office 2007 on the T500 and a newer Version on my T560.

My Objective is to clean up and optimize the T500, (in the least evasive, safest manner) while keeping Microsoft Excel, Power Point, Word on that machine.

What is the best way to transfer the 3,185 folders from my Sister's Folder to my Folder?; and/or

What is the best way to find the Product Key for Microsoft Office 2007 and Windows 10 (in case a Windows 10 reinstall is the best option)?

Thanks again for taking the time to assist.

~ Dennis M.
the Best way to move forward from here is to replace the harddrive and install a fresh copy of Windows on that because that way the old drive still has a copy of all the crap ever put in this computer and this data stays safe

your keys depend on what kind of accounts you set up:
sounds like Windows 7 came on this laptop as OEM so that key should be stored on the motherboard itself unless you installed W7 to a blank drive,
Windows 10 is the current system so that key is stored in the system; see Neemobeer's tutorial for getting that but if you set up a Microsoft account then both these key are not needed because they are stored online [linked to email] and will auto load

office can be tricky; if you have an account with them then it should have been carried over when you set up the account i.e, logging into your account page should show both your current office licence + the old 2007 licence but if you didn't ever link them then this laptop may be in off line mode
Thank you for the rapid response.

I can understand and concur with reloading Windows.

Fortunately, it looks like this Computer is registered in my Microsoft Account.

How do I go about getting (Windows10 and Microsoft Office) to load from my Account ?

I looked at a video on changing the hard drive on a T500, and it looked relatively easy.

I am surprised, however, that this is also required.

Thanks again for your rapid response and any other input you can provide on getting Windows 10 and MS Office to load from my Microsoft Account.
How do I go about getting (Windows10 and Microsoft Office) to load from my Account ?
Windows 10 = it will auto load during the install as long as you allow it to go online and of course use the same Microsoft account which means email address + password

I looked at a video on changing the hard drive on a T500, and it looked relatively easy.

I am surprised, however, that this is also required.
yes the T500 should be pretty simple... I didn't say required, I said best

if you install a new system on the old drive without formatting it then certain software like office will need extra work to clean up the files and if you format the old drive first then everything on that drive now will be lost forever... I say its safter i.e, best to replace the drive because then you can do a fresh install without worry of buggering the old files

i would still recover at least your Windows 10 key before doing anything because with that key you can install Windows 10 in offline mode i.e, out on the sticks someplace without the internet

harddrives are cheep but if you can't spend $ or just feel its not worth it well... at the end if the day its your computer
Thank you again for your insight and rapid response.
I was not able to recover the Key via the Neemobeer's tutorial , but I did find a link which seemed to provide a means of recovering the Product Key.
I ended up creating a .vbs File as instructed per the bottom of the attached link, and it seemed to be successful in retrieving my Product Key.

I am currently downloading Windows 10 Install on a USB in case I take this route.

Based on your input, etc, I am now leaning to getting a new HD and using the USB approach to download Windows 10.

As far as MS Office, I did not see any info on my Microsoft Account on office 2007, (currently installed on my T500), but I do see my subscription for Office 2016 which I had purchased with my T560.

Assuming that I change the HD in the T500, and reload Windows 10 via USB, will I be able to download Office 2016, (originally purchased for my T560), into my T500?

If so, that would be a good solution.

Thanks again for your valued input & help.

~ Dennis M