Chat Programs Staying on taskbar

I did a search and read through a few posts of peoples problems with the taskbar, but none of them really helped with what I am having trouble with.

The programs that I am seeing this happen with is Windows Live Messenger and AIM (AOL Instant Messenger).

On my XP machine, and on Vista, when you click on the 'X' to close the buddy lists, it drops them down off the taskbar and only as an Icon by the clock. You still stay signed in and all. Im sure most that will read this know how these programs work.

Anyways... On my Windows 7 Laptop, this doesnt happen. When I hit the 'X' it just puts them down on the taskbar. Even when I was prompted by Windows Live Messenger to not do this and to stay signed in, it still does it. I dont have either program pinned to the taskbar, and I have also pinned and unpinned and rebooted a few times with the different pinned and unpinned combos.

Im very picky with my taskbar and desktop and like a clean look with nothing there unless it has to be.

Is anyone else experiencing this? Or have a way to make the programs work like they do on XP/Vista?

Hey I'm having the same problem!
I've just got a new laptop with Windows 7 on it, I'm managing so far to get used to the whole layout etc but the MSN always being in the taskbar is really bothering me. I've played around with all the settings but I can't seem to do anything for it. :(

I haven't used that for a while, but I'm sure this is the way they meant it to behave. Look in its options - a good chance that clicking on [X] is customizable.

Yeah, I have looked through all the options and I don't see anything that will change the way it is. I figured it was something that Windows 7 does. Pretty annoying, thats for sure. I like my clean, empty taskbars if im not doing anything.


can I suggest you try FREEWARE taskswitchxp/vista switcher, which allows you to hide any window to the icon tray ?

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