Cheating your way to VS 2015 Shortcut Cheatsheats

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    I can't believe I've never blogged about this project from Mads Kristensen. I spend a good 30+ minutes going through all my post resources, looking for past posts on this. Yet nothing. What was I thinking?

    Well to make it up to you and Mads he gets not one post this week, but two! :)


    Devs love to keep in the "context." Context switching is expensive, and for many, reaching out to the mouse if such a context switch. Meaning we live and breath by our keyboard shorts.

    For the last few Visual Studio version Mads has create some awesome keyboard shortcut cheat sheets. And as you would expect from Mads, it's on on GitHub too.

    Visual Studio 2015 keyboard shortcuts, The complete list



    How does he make this happen? The site is a site, but the magic is in just HOW he gets all the shortcuts. I mean, it has to be automated somehow, right?



    Website: Visual Studio Shortcuts
    Extension: Shortcut Exporter on the VS Gallery

    Shows all keyboard shortcuts in Visual Studio 2012, 2013 and 2015
    Keyboard Shortcut Exporter

    Shortcut Exporter makes it really easy to export all the keyboard shortcuts available in Visual Studio - including custom bindings.

    Shortcut Exporter is also the engine behind the Visual Studio Shortcuts website.

    It will add a button under the Tools menu called "Export shortcuts...".


    It will then prompt you for the file name of the XML export. ...

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