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  1. S

    Windows 10 Keyboard suddenly can't type anymore, only shortcuts

    Hi all! So my father and I are having the same problem with all our Windows 10 devices. The keyboard randomly just stops typing. However, shortcuts are possible like WIN + R, WIN + X, etc. Does anyone know what's going on? - Skittluier
  2. G

    Windows 10 Cannot change Some Shortcut Icons

    Cannot change Icon on some shortcuts in windows 10. The [Change Icon...] button is greyed out. Other shortcuts work fine. Icon permissions "Allow" Full control for all users
  3. F

    Windows 8 How can you create a self contained picture folder with only shortcuts to pics

    Hey Guys, I am currently on a project that requires that I go through tonnes of photographs and be able to organize them in different ways. Currently I'm having to copy pictures and paste them into different folders. Is there a way I can create folders that only have shortcuts to pictures...
  4. kaktuar

    Windows 10 Windows10 shortcuts and touchpad

    Hello, I've just downloaded windows 10 and I have some problems with shortcuts. Win + Ctrl + Right is not working for swiping between my virtual desktops while Win + Ctrl + Left works perfectly ... However, everything is alright with my button right. Other question : is it possible to swipe...