Windows 10 Windows10 shortcuts and touchpad


Aug 2, 2015
Hello, I've just downloaded windows 10 and I have some problems with shortcuts. Win + Ctrl + Right is not working for swiping between my virtual desktops while Win + Ctrl + Left works perfectly ...
However, everything is alright with my button right.

Other question : is it possible to swipe virtual desktops with the touchpad ? If yes, how ?

And how can I reconfigure all my shortcuts ?
Not sure, it works fine for me. Did you verify you have more than one desktop open. Press Win Key + tab to check. I don't believe it's possible to switch with the touch pad. Lastly what's up with your shortcuts and are we talking about desktop? I've seen other have issues with the desktop shortcuts and have suggested to just recreate them.
Of course I have more than one desktop open. Yeah I'm talking about desktop, how can I recreate them ?
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