Windows 10 check if "trim" is enabled for SSD not working?


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User can check if the "trim" function for the SSD is currently enabled by entering the following command:

fsutil behavior query DisableDeleteNotify

If I enter this command in my Win10 then the following result is shown:
C:\Users\pet>fsutil behavior query DisableDeleteNotify
NTFS DisableDeleteNotify = 0  (Disabled)
ReFS DisableDeleteNotify = 0  (Disabled)

I am confused. According to docs the "0" means trim is ENABLED.
But why is "(Disabled)" written after it?

By the way: I have an SSD AND a hard disk in my computer.

Does the command always automatically refer to the SSD?
Or do I have to enter the command from Command Prompt Terminal with path C:\ (= SSD)?
I queried this a while ago, on a Microsoft site, I was informed it was a little pedantic. it is the result of a so called “false negative” The 0 means it is enabled, so no worries. The (disabled is a “normal” response to the query:wound:
The settings is called DISABLEDeleteNotify, so enabling the setting (1) disables trim. The fact that enabling the setting disables the functionality.
On Windows 10, open the Start menu, search for “Command Prompt”, right-click the “Command Prompt” shortcut, and select “Run as Administrator.” You'll see one of two results. If you see DisableDeleteNotify = 0 , TRIM is enabled. Everything is good and you don't need to worry about it. techzpod mobdro download
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