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Discussion in 'Windows 8 Help and Support' started by mazzah, Nov 19, 2014.

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    Hello !
    To make a very long story short, to be able to install a Chinese game(MMOrpg, Chinese servers and so on..) I had to change my system locale from my default (Slovenian, Slovenia) to Chinese (Simplified, China) and it has to stay this way, otherwise I can't play it. The game works fine (except for the outrageous ping..), but the problem is that some programs, that'd normally work fine, now don't work anymore. Many people, who post youtube video guides on how to install this game don't have this problem. Example: I have to use an application called AppLocale to use BSplayer as it found some kind of error when I tried opening it before. Sadly I can't use AppLocale for every program because it only works with some.
    I hope that someone will be able to tell me what exactly I can do because resetting my laptop every few hours just so I can use those few programs is just tedious
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    1. The old programs no longer work because you changed the default language to Chinese;
    2. I would have installed a v-machine on vm-workstation and run the game there because once the game ends you just pause the v-machine and go back to your main system.

    p.s the ping issue is because your local doesn't match the one on your isp... ask them to set up a tunnel for you and the ping will drop by at least 2 thirds... most isp in Australia will do this as a free service but that’s because aussies have to play wow on us servers so people demand it of them.

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