Christmas will be here before Updates will be installed

After all the trouble trying to find how to download and install Win 7 updates, and when I did find Microsoft Update Catalog showing that I had 1000 updates at 25 to a page and 40 pages totaling. Spent about 12 hours downloading these to the C:\ drive and later find they didn't install, and from what I can tell there is no way I can install any of these updates.

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if you do a search when in the catalog for 'Windows 7 convenience roll up' you'll see, or should see 3 downloads, one for 32bit, one for 64bit and the other i forget what but anyhoo this contains nearly all the updates released since sp1.
When you go to install make sure you right click and run as administrator.

Timing must be on my side, as I have finally found a way to get some updates. Located a website..., and updates. With that I did use Microsoft Update Catalog and installed several latest updates. I ran Belarc Advisor and it shown I have one Update to install, but, Belarc didn't show the Kb number.

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This is Microsoft's not-too-subtle approach to phasing out their older Windows versions and attempting to force users to upgrade to the newest Windows, W10. Thanks for sharing your solution, that should help some of our other members.


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