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Windows 7 Chrome, Firefox, IE10 Comparison w/Poll

What Browser Do You Use?

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U.S.Navy D.A.V.
Aug 2, 2009
Hello members and for those that have just joined or are just visiting,
to Windows 7 Forums.

What Browser do you use? Comments on why, are welcome, but not necessary.

Out of my own curiosity, I made a little comparison of the top 3 browsers, Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer10,
ie; CPU usage and Memory usage.

Every browser works differently on every machine, too many variables to get in depth here.
I made this comparison for myself as I had noticed that out of the three I mentioned, I want to use the best
one for my needs and the one that uses the least amount of Memory & CPU overall.

I've been using Firefox for many, many years with virtually 0 issues, before FF, was, MSN Premium and before that was AOL.
Used Chrome once or twice and I am using it now to post this Poll/Thread.
Have never used Internet Explorer, it's always been there and I have opened it on occasion, but never really used it.

My Comparison:

Starting with Google Chrome Using Task Manager;

Running Chrome with 1 add-on
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Very impressed with low running App Memory of only 69.9MB's and 0% CPU usage, however,
Chrome has 9 running processes using 510.2MB's of memory, plus the 69.9MB's, equals a total of 580.1MB's

Running Firefox with 9 add-ons. 2 extensions & 7 plugins;
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1 running process @ 4.2MB's, plus 216.4MB's, equals 220.6MB's Memory usage and 1.4% CPU
You will also note, Chrome has 2 running background processes.

Running Internet Explorer 10 with 3 add-ons;
Link Removed
Link Removed
Extremely impressive with a total of 154MB's Memory usage, 0 running processes and only .5% CPU usage.
Again, you will note that Chrome still has 2 running background processes.

Each Browser was used 1 at a time.

Next will show all 3 browsers open at the same time;
Link Removed
Link Removed

Chrome using a total of 214.3MB's memory & 8.3% CPU
Firefox using a total of 199.4MB's memory & 5.7% CPU
Internet Explorer10 using a total of 159.5MB's memory & 3.6% CPU
FF & IE10 meet my needs, where Chrome lacks the ability to use/show the Menu Bar and by this comparison on my machine, seems to be quite the memory hog.
Looks like I'm leaning to switch to IE10

Just thought it to be interesting to give a visual comparison, of course, you use whatever suites your needs and works best on your machine.
I am running Windows 8 Pro x64 w/Media Center

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Firefox is my default browser. Has been most of my time on the net.

When the internet was first opened to the public, there was IE 1.0. Then used Netscape for some time. Along came Firefox, gave it a try. Since then, I have even tried the Windows version of Safari, and then Chrome.

Chrome's settings and adjustments are too clunky, and don't have a flow. It treats everyone like a newbie.

Love Firefox's plugins and addons !. Wish the font over-lap in Firefox could be cured.

The only time I use IE, is when some software program insists on it.
I've always tended to use IE mainly as I got used to over the years but it appears that Firefox works for some Java-ry things that don't work with IE and IE displays some format detail that Firefox doesn't. I kept using IE8 for ages as I didn't like the favourites button being tucked away over to the right away from the favourites bar but they all seem to have that now so just had to try and deal with it.

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Out of mere distrust I skipped IE, and went to Firefox. Then I got problems there, can't remember what, so I jumped to Google Chrome, and it's been working well for a few years. With my present buildup capacity / speed is no problem, everything is just fine.

Like sammytruck, I only use IE when demanded by an installation.
Though Chrome crashes sometime, it's good after all. IE would be the last browser I will go with.
Keep in mind Chrome (as of this month, May 2014), lacks the capability of rejecting invalid certificates - the Heartbleed solution. When the Brendan Eich stink erupted at Moz, I started looking for alternatives. Pale Moon is a solid, stable,non-Moz branch of FF, that eschews the constant annoyance of UI toolbar diddling and desk-kistchy fashion tweaks. You could call it a "retro" Firefox in UI graphics, but with all the current security patches and slightly faster performance. As far as I can tell, all FF extensions and plug-ins work perfectly in XP and Win7. Pale Moon is SandboxIE compatible and simply becomes the default SBIE "virtual" browser when installed. It is available for Linux and Windows.
In terms of browsers still in existence, I keep coming back to Firefox. At one point, I tried Waterfox (64 bit Firefox), but it wasn't ready for prime time and too many add-ons didn't work with it. Used Opera for a long time and liked it but encountered problems I can't recall now. Tried IE10 and 11 but even with all of the customization I could find, the UI just isn't easy to use and there aren't the add-ons to duplicate the functionality of Firefox. I use it only for web sites that won't work with anything else. After hearing everyone rave about Chrome and how lightning fast it is, I tried SRWare Iron (non-spyware version of Chrome). Huge disappointment. It was way slower than Firefox (side by side, same web sites), has a worse user interface than IE (found it completely non-intuitive and had a very hard time finding basic stuff), very limited add-ons, and I gave up trying to load the few I found. I basically could find nothing to like about it. So I'm always up for trying newer and better but so far, haven't found anything I like better than Firefox.
Pale Moon is Firefox, with fewer kitschy styling experiments. All FF add-ons work in Pale Moon. I've never compared the speed between browsers. You are absolutely correct on the add-ons and security of FF, which is identical to Pale Moon. I subscribe to minimal speed Brdbnd/DSL alternating on who gives the best discounted introductory premium on alternate years. $20 a month, no cable. Plays all Roku streams perfectly. All browsers deliver in 2-5 seconds. They all stream content. They all play audio. The difference is in how annoying the UI is and, most importantly the security and advertising blocking capability. I allow zero advertising in my home, from radio, TV or Internet. I do not watch commercial TV. All other media with ads are muted, fast forwarded or blocked. All animations, scripted adsense, javascript and cookie tracking is all blocked, largely due to the Firefox extensions that also run in Pale Moon. All my radio is recorded and time shifted so I can FF thru ads. I get no advert noise in my ear at any time from any source. I don't watch commercial TV. Its a beautiful thing. Try it. After a few months of no ads or CNN-ABC-CBS-NBC-NPR-PBS filtered news of any kind and then you suddenly hear some obnoxious jingle and some crass idiot reporter - wow. You begin to understand how the culture is degenerating. The FF ad-tracking, false certificate and malware detecting features are critical. The advert blocking makes research a pleasure and is part of the bulwark against societal decay.
I use both Firefox and Chrome as both are good and been using long time as stable and rarely have any issues with .
Firefox is still my main browser. But there are times when I shut Firefox down, then want to open it again... and it won't start.

So then I use Chrome. But Chrome's setting treat you like a computer newbie/mourn. I've been on computers for years.

Firefox is more tweakable......... :)
I use Google Chrome simply because I like the lightweightness and speed (Though I'm not a fan of Google integration myself), I may be using Project Spartan upon the release of Windows 10 however, depends on how that stacks up against Google Chrome.
FireFox works great for me. Ii have Chrome and IE on my machines as well but rarely use either of them.
Are you serious..... Chrome sooner than FireFox......

FireFox has so many addons.

Don't ever take my FireFox from me.......!!!
Firefox definitely isn't going anywhere anytime soon, it's community can only grow at this point, but same goes for Chrome.
Now-a-days I'm running three 1920x1080 monitors, with a Radeon 7870 chipset on the videocard.

FireFox is still my main browser. But... I use Chrome to run my Netflix on my third screen... so I can cruise the internet at the same time in FireFox on my second screen.

My 2 favourite addons in FireFox are Adblocker-plus, and self-destruct-cookies.