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    Something downright odd is occuring, and so far i have been able to repeat it 2 more times.

    In system properties, I adjust the performance toggle from Best Appearance to Best Performance.
    Then I start a video playlist in Windows Media Player (playing files individualy seems fine).
    After entering fullscreen, my video framerate hits the floor (24 or 30 fps videos both drop to around 8-10fps).
    When leaving fullscreen, it takes a few seconds for the videos to regain playrate.
    Sound plays perfectly normal, except it seems to be constantly off by 1-2 frames on everything now.

    CPU usage reports 5-10% when video is in normal window playing at any scale.
    Entering fullscreen doesnt show drastic changes in CPU or memory usage.
    HDs dont sound stressed.
    Video resolution, size, filetype does not seem to matter.
    Returning to Best Appearance or selecting one of the themes seems to resolve the issue.

    Wondering if this has occured before (kinda specific and hard to search).

    Windows Build 7000 x64
    AMD Athlon 64 x2 3.0Ghz
    MSI K9N Diamond
    NVidia 7950gt
    AVG Antivirous

    Just an extra tag: Anyone else use Zoom Player? Seems to have unnecessarily long load times on videos (even when switching between playlist items). It also does not suffer a framerate drop under the same situation.

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