Windows 7 COD 4 - multiplayer - unknown windows api


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OR, 7127, which is what im using, is the latest version PB will work without producing a Unknown API error.


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Compatibility Mode

Put the COD Games in Compatibility Mode VISTA.

This should make PB think that you are playing the games in Vista and not W7.

I have also been having this problem.

In RTM though it doesn't seem this problem exists. Not been kicked in a server yet.


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Hmm dont know if im willing to take a chance just to try it, every build of 7 so far has been getting me the "unknown windows api kick 131131"-error. But im on cod uo so i dont think it will work at all until release date. Anyway if someone has any suggestions (besides running xp wich i am when playing uo, let me know. Feels like ive tried everything)