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    Coding4Fun is where we show off fun and cool open source hardware and software projects. We know there are lots of developers who code for fun, not just for their jobs and with this in mind, we want to show off the cool work developers can do when they combine smarts and passion. Our projects span the range from beginner to the advanced and everything in between. We’ve built demos for keynotes, created a .NET library for the Wiimote, pitted man versus machine, and even mashed up Twitter with World of Warcraft to build TweetCraft. With six years of articles and even a book behind us, we are moving to the future.
    Today we are excited to announce that Coding4Fun is now officially a part of Channel 9. You can check it out all in its new greatness at
    The new and improved Coding4Fun includes:
    • Improved and consistent user experience
    • Dedicated projects pages for some of our coolest and most popular projects
    • Comments, ratings, and social sharing through Twitter and Facebook



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