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Have Windows XP on one PC and Windows 7 rc 64 bit on another pc. Both connect to the Internet okay. XP PC states that there is an IP address conflict with another system on the network. 7 PC does not show any other PCs on the network. Have tried Home Group and Work Group but makes no difference. Previously had the 7 PC with the 32 bit version and the network was fine. Network adaptor on XP PC is a via compatable fast ethernet adapter and on the 7 PC it is an NVIDIA network controller. I use a wired adsl router.
Grateful for any advice
Run ipconfig /all on both machines too make sure you do not have an IP conflict s stated. Having the same IP address on 2 PC's well as you know NOT GOOD.


Windows 7 Start>search>cmd
resolved issue. Ran Network Wizard on XP machine which prompted me to make Network Floppy and run in 7 PC. My network is now up and running. Now I am trying to work out how to get Permissions to view files/folders on the 7 pc.
There are some folders in Windows 7, to which you cannot have permission. It is unwise to try to do so. If you have any problems post back and the site will help you. This may help with file permissions. Just run the .reg file and it will give you a right click option to take ownership of files.