Windows 7 Collection of older popular games???

KM Richards

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My wife likes to play many of the kinda outdates games like Solitaire and stuff like that, you know games that you don't need a fancy joystick for (although she has one of those for an airplane game she never used)

Now that I've gotten her a new Win 7 Pro x64 computer... is there a place to find some good games that she might like, for someone who isn't in to the latest and greatest and prefers games that were popular say in the mid-2000s and back?

KM Richards

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OK, how about the games that used to come with Windows, like Solitaire?


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Most of the classic windows games you mentioned, just pretty much got a graphical upgrade... they are usually contained in the games folder.

If you don't see the game of your choice or the games folder.

  1. Open 'Control Panel'.
  2. Open 'Programs and Features'.
  3. Click the link 'Windows Features'.
  4. Mark the items you wish to install. Be sure to have your windows disk readily available.
  5. Click 'ok'.

Hopefully, what you are looking for maybe available after the install.

However, if your wish is to also play classic arcade games... then install Games for Windows Live: PC Games -, and install the add on pack: Game Room.


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