Comp Freezing up(usually when doing internet related tasks)


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So heres the deal,

my computer is tweaking out, what usually happens is I will turn my computer on and it will load fine, connect to the internet fine and then i can do anything that is non internet related just fine, then I will start browsing the internet and it freezes...

another common thing for it do is it will start up and not have an internet connection and will not even display my usual home connection...then when i go to restart the computer it will automatically freeze...

it will also freeze say if i start up any game related to the internet, at first i thought it might be a virus but i have scanned with microsoft security essentials many times and nothing... i think my motherboard might be fried but i am not sure

any ideas,
thanks in advance


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Try with different browser.
Check any error in event log (Click start> or on the desktop right clickon computer click on manage event viewer )


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So I have looked through the event log and I have errors and critical errors but i have no idea what it all the something specific i am looking for?

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