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    Dec 23, 2013
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    So for the longest time i've been having issues with my comp randomly shutting down on me. Event id 41 kernal power.. Everything in it is show 0 even the time stamp.

    i have attached 4 minidump files that have shown up. Not sure if its the random restart that caused them or something else. 3 are from september and one from last year. other then that no other once have shown up. I have reformatted my comp, changed PSU and chord, Ram, and HDD, would try Mobo and CPU but dont got a spare one sitting around.

    upload_2013-12-23_22-6-35. Running windows 7 64 bit Home premium. I am limited in BIOS due to DELL's bios lock..

    thanks for your help and hope i can get this resolved. if any more info is needed feel free to ask.

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