Complicated network question

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Running two laptops w/7, we have been using satellite internet because that is all that is available where we live. Recently turned it off (long story), anyway I now have my laptop tethered to my cell phone, under a second homegroup. I have "bridged" the connection between the wi-fi router and the phone. However, w/o the satellite my son and I, are unable to see each other's computer in the network, and I am trying to share the internet connection from the phone.
Finally managed to get to the point when going to "network" on my son's computer it shows his computer and the router, then at the bottom of the page is says "the following devices have been discovered, but can not be shown in the map", and it shows my pc, and the phone. But you can double click on my pc, and open all my files, but I still can not see his computer on my network map.
Is it possible to share the internet from the phone? There is a lot of other things I can tell you, but it would be like two pages worth, so I would prefer to wait until someone ask for more information before I do.
Let me know what you need to know, and I'll get back to you.
How do I manage to find all the computers on the network.

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