Computer B has permissons for computer A, but not vice-versa


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I've networked two Win 7 computers, A (tower desktop) and B (laptop). From B, I can create new folders and do anything I want on A, But on A I can't create new folders on B ("You need permission to perform this action"). This is preventing some needed software from running correctly.

- From A looking at properties on B, and also on B looking at properties on A, Advanced Security Settings/Permissions shows all users having "Full control".

- The Owner user is also included as a user in Advanced Security Settings/Permissions for both A looking at properties on B and B looking at properties on A.

You can probably tell that I'm far from expert at networking.

Any ideas for me to try?


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  • plug the laptop into the network with a cable instead of wifi... does that resolve the issue?
  • are both computers on the same; workgroup, homegroup and domain?