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    My computer is really starting to make me mad.
    In the last few days i got some adware because i had avast antivirus protection off so i could use steam.
    After that i started getting BSOD's when i tried to shutdown my computer.
    I've gotten rid of the adware but now my computer is really screwed up. I can't start it up normally because it will give me an IQRL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL error. But when i start it up in safe mode it gives me an INTERNAL_POWER_ERROR error.
    my computer is a GT5481E gateway model desktop computer with 2 gb of ram and a PNY GeForce 210 graphics card.
    Please Help.

    EDIT: the problem seems to be fixed i ran startup repair and now it works.
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    INTERNAL_POWER_ERROR error can be caused by faulty power supply, loose cables, APM drivers. Disable all the power management, from BIOS and from Windows. When the system boots up, check in the device manager if the APM device (in Device Manager >> System Devices) is fine, check if it has a yellow blob beside it.

    It might be helpful looking at:

    1) Crash dumps located at C:\Windows\Minidump.
    2) CPU-Z screenshots of MEMORY and CPU tabs.
    3) Passmark Rammon

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