Windows 10 Computer running slow

Even in windows 8, my laptop has been very slow. I open up an app and it takes for ever to load for example, if I open up Counter Strike:Global Offensive, it opens up but there is a black screen for a very long time and then it will load in after 2-5 minutes. Or when I try to watch youtube videos it stays at 0:00 for like 5 minutes and then it will load. I know it is not my internet because if I were to watch a video on another device it would start right away. If I want to search something in the search bar it is very delayed. I just upgraded to windows 10 and the same thing is happening.

If there is a way to solve this please reply, thanks!

Dear Alexwin

Your laptop is slow due to the reason that windows 10 is that windows is stil in something like a beta please hold on for future updates on windows update.You can also try installing an antivirus if you haven't



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Windows 10 is no longer in Beta, but may still have some features added in future updates..

What are the specs, model etc, of your computer. It seems that you may need ram or a better graphics card.
Also, are you running any third party antivirus? Some are very hungry with resources.

I'm actually experiencing the same problem on a brand new HP Pavilion computer with plenty of empty memory and a good graphics card. Not only is it slow to load internet pages (took 3 pages to load facebook) it also takes a long time to open a simple game like solitaire... I'm not currently running any third party antivirus programs either.

Yeah your right , windows is no longer in beta. newb24 could you go to system by pressing windows + x you should see an option there called system click on that and copy all the information written except the serial

Sure thing -

Windows Edition - Windows 10 home

System -
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU N3700 @ 1.60GHz
Installed memory (RAM): 8.0GB (7.86 GB Usable)
System Type: 64-bit Operating system, x64-based processor
Pen and Touch: Full Windows touch support with 10 touch points

Computer Name, domain and workgroup settings -
Computer Name: DeskTop
Workgroup: Workgroup

9 Tips optimize window 10 faster

1. Speed up the startup of the desktop apps in
2. Speed up menus in Window 10 and change the delay
3. Disable Shadow and Animation Effects to Improve Performance
4. Disable Unnecessary services to speed up Window 10.
5. Check window startup entries
6. Turn On Fast Startup
7. Disable Unneeded Hardware
8. Adjust Recycle Bin Size
9. System restore

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