Configure offline files

We have software on two machines which are part not part of a domain. PC1 has a folder shared with the PC2. PC2 writes a file to the share. PC1 processes the file and then deletes it.

Problem is that sometimes the file written by PC2 just disappears.

In troubleshooting we know that the file is written, but it literally just vanishes: this happens so fast you cannot see it. This happens with the processing software on PC1 shut down. restart PC2 and the first attempt always works, (the first attempt has never failed) then after that it does not work, well it sometimes does not. It might be the 2nd attempt, it might be 20 attempts later or it might be the next week that it fails. So I searched and find out this is not an unknown scenario. I am thinking it might be related to offline files setup/configuration.

Problem is I cannot find the tool.

The PC's are not part of a domain.

The tool is called "Configure Background Sync". It is a Windows tool but I cannot find it.

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