Connecting PC to other via serial - how to do it?



I need to transfer data between my PC (Windows 10.1903 x64 Pro) and notebook with MS-DOS 7.10 (also Windows 3.11 for Workgroups - but without Win32s)
I want to use serial port 'cause DOS is not so familiar with USB.
I know that serial transfer was possible even on my hobby computers - Commodore 8-bits.

But what a software to use for Windows and for DOS?
Also - can anybody recommend me important things like timing etc?

Thank you for help.


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You should be able to connect a USB to serial cable. On the sending computer look in device manager for the COM# of the device.

For example lets say it's COM2. Then run the following two commands from a command prompt.

MODE COM2: BAUD=b PARITY=p DATA=d this command you should only need to issue once with in the command prompt and you will need to replace b,p,and d with the appropriate values configured on the DOS machine

Then to copy you would simply type copy somefile.txt \\.\COM2
For binary file copying COPY /B COM2 /B