Control + Z deleted my resume, control + y won't restore.

Hi, I just updated my resume and created several versions. I went to the folder that I had them in because I wanted to open them all to figure out which one I liked the layout of best, but for some reason I pressed control + z while I was in the folder. It deleted one of the files, so I pressed control + z again in hopes that that would undo the deletion, but instead it deleted the other file and the folder that they were in. I looked up some potential solutions (control + y, and recovery software such as recuva were suggested). Control + y put a "New Folder" back in the place of the folder that I was holding the resumes in (which wasn't named "New Folder") but wouldn't restore anything other. Recuva was able to find some other files which were in that folder, but not any of the ones that I created or edited tonight. Additionally, it says that the files were overwritten. (If it's relevant I can give the files that it says they were overwritten with). Can anyone think of anything else that I could try?

Also, they weren't moved to my recycle bin, and never triggered the dialog box where it asks if you're ok with permanent deletion of the file.

Unfortunately neither of those worked. I also tried getting a clipboard software to see if the files had been moved to that since the post mentioned that deleted things might still be in the clipboard, but to no avail.


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I don't know if there is anything you can do. But trying to think thru what might be going on, it appears, there is a list of prior actions. Ctrl+Z will back out of that list, one item at a time. If you hit Ctrl+Z twice, what were the last two items you accomplished. It appears if you are in another folder, it will remove the actions from the other folder.

If you create a folder and then name it, Ctrl+Z will first return it to a New Folder, and another Ctrl+Z will remove the folder. One Ctrl+Y will recreate the folder, and another Ctrl+Y will replace the original folder name.

Maybe one thing that might help is Ctrl+Y will redo the actions until you get a ding, at which point you are at the end of the list.

The fact did not actually delete the item, I am not really sure where it went. Do you still have the original file you could make copies from?

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