Okay so im building a new computer and i spent all the money i had on the parts. Is there a way i can like transfer my windows 7 from my laptop to the computer itself? If so, how?


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Only if it's a retail license. If you open a command prompt and type slmgr /dlv in the description it should say retail channel. If it says OA or OEM then no it can't be transferred.

Also if your CPU is Intel and its Gen 7 or newer Windows 7 isn't supported

So your saying my CPU has to be Intel other wise no?
Well dang


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Well you can use AMD or Intel, but as I mentioned be aware that Microsoft ended mainstream support for Windows 7 in 2015. What this means is Microsoft no longer releases feature updates for Win 7 which includes processor support. This coincided around the time the 6th gen Intel chips came out. Now this doesn't mean it won't work, but it does shift the responsibility of support to the CPU manufacturers. Intel did not provide any updates, but AMD I believe did provide Ryzen support for Windows 7. There are other devices that have dropped support as well such as USB ECHI otherwise known as USB 2.0 so that would also need to be emulated at the BOIS level and only if the manufacturer provides a BIOS update.

TL: DR versus
Windows 7 is fairly difficult to get to work with new hardware due to lack of hardware support. I would buy a Windows 10 license.


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On my ryzen system. With the latest firmware. Windows 7 won't even install. Not that is use it but I needed to know.

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