Windows 7 Convert .wtv to .dvr-ms Files Output with Shorter Length

Discussion in 'Windows Multimedia' started by AkashaJSummer, Dec 12, 2013.

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    When I use the Windows 7 option to convert .wtv to .dvr-ms the converted .dvr-ms files are much shorter in length than the original .wtv files, e.g. a .wtv file with a length of 2:35:58 will be converted to a .dvr-ms file with a length of 29:35.

    To troubleshoot this I tested a few .wtv files all with the same result. The .wtv files where all on my (E) drive. Next I moved the .wtv files to the (C) and (D) drive and successfully converted the .wtv to .dvr-ms with the original length intact.

    Does this mean my (E) drive is failing or is there another reason why this is specific to the (E) drive?
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    I'd try using a third party utility to see if that works on your drive E - if it does then that would clear your drive E of suspicion.

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