Cops: Sausage Thief Wore No Pants

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    You don't want to see how sausage gets made -- and you probably don't want to see how this sausage got stolen.

    Police in Florida arrested a man they say was captured on video stealing sausage naked.

    Investigators in Estero say Joshua Ryan Abernathy, 34, walked into the Mariner's Cove Club House nude on Jan. 7 and snatched napkins, a first-aid kit and some wieners

    Police say Joshua Ryan Abernathy, 34, walked nude around a clubhouse and stole sausage, napkins and a first-aid kit.

    A club worker told cops he found out about the burglary later that day when he realized the meat was missing while preparing for a bingo night.

    The man reviewed surveillance footage and alerted police when the video showed a nude man entering the club through an unlocked door, rifling through drawers and the refrigerator, and wandering the facility.

    This week, authorities released a censored version of that video, which has been posted on The News-Press website.

    The club worker says the perp resembled a man who had been asked to leave the grounds before and "possibly stays in a wooded area located west of Mariner's Cove."

    Police say they recognized the suspect from the video and arrested Abernathy, who has reportedly been charged with burglary and petty theft in connection with the incident.

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