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Discovered this neat tool that allows the user to copy a file name to the clipboard
with a right click menu item.

Clicking shift at the same time will also copy the full path.

Great if you need to enter the full path to a file in a form etc.

Copy filenames to the Windows clipboard with CopyFilenames v3.1

Once copied to the clipboard simply open a new text document and paste the filename etc.

Word of caution here, one of the options available "copy filename and delete"
choosing this option will do exactly what it say's it will copy the filename and then delete the file.
A somewhat dangerous "feature".

A $10.00 US Pro version (one time license fee) allows the user to remove that "dangerous"
command as well as add a "full path with / separator" command, eliminating the need to press the Shift key.

Other functionality is provided with the Pro version.

If the Pro version is preferred uninstall the free version, if installed before installing the Pro version.

On first use you will be asked for your license key.

There will also be a configuration shortcut created in the START menu folder "CopyFileNames Pro"
To allow extensive customization.

This functionality has been on my wish list for awhile now.

The free version works well but does have that ability to accidentally delete an important file as well as
requiring a Shift key press to copy the full filename path.

IMHO opinion the Pro version is worth the price of admission.
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I much prefer this Copy File Path and Name using Windows Explorer Context Menu free little utility.

You drop the two supplied .exe files (one for Copy Name, one for Copy Path) in your C:\Program Files folder, run the relevant .reg files and you're fit to go. All I've done is edited the .reg file slightly so that the context entries appear not in the normal Context Menu but in the Extended Context Menu (shift r-click) as I use them fairly often, but not all the time.

I like this one because:-
1) It's free.
2) No copy and Delete afterwards option
3) Did I mention it's free?
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