Windows 11 Moment Update 2: New Windows 11 Feature Update for March 2023 - KB5022913

Windows 11 Moment Update 2 (KB5022913) is an upcoming feature update for Windows 11 version 22H2 that will bring new enhancements and improvements to the operating
system. It is expected to roll out in March 2023 as part of the monthly security release. Here are some of the highlights of what’s coming in this update:

Taskbar Enhancements: A new Taskbar interface for tablet devices that adapts to different screen orientations and sizes. A new Task View button that lets you switch between virtual desktops and see your open windows. A new Focus Sessions feature that helps you stay productive and focused by setting goals, timers, and music playlists.

In-box app updates: Updates to several built-in apps such as Photos, Calculator, Snipping Tool, Paint, Notepad, and Mail & Calendar. These updates will bring new features, design changes, and performance improvements to these apps.

Task Manager and Settings app changes: A new Search bar in the Task Manager that lets you find processes quickly. A new Eco mode option that lets you limit the resources used by a process. A redesigned Settings app that simplifies navigation and adds more options for personalization, privacy, and accessibility.

File Explorer improvements: A new context menu that shows more options when you right-click on a file or folder. A new command bar that lets you access common actions such as cut, copy, paste, rename, share, and delete. A new compact view option that lets you see more files in a smaller space.

System Tray improvements: A new option to show seconds in the taskbar clock. A new quick setting for Windows Studio Effects that lets you adjust your microphone settings2. A new icon for Focus Sessions that shows your progress and time left.

File Explorer live search: A new feature that shows results as you type in File Explorer. This makes it easier to find files and folders without having to press Enter or click on the Search button.

Tabbed File Explorer: A new feature that lets you open multiple tabs in File Explorer, similar to how you can open tabs in a web browser. This makes it easier to switch between different locations and manage your files.

Taskbar overflow: A new feature that lets you access more icons on the taskbar by clicking on an arrow button. This makes it easier to see all your running apps and pinned items without having to resize or hide the taskbar.

These are some of the main features coming in Windows 11 Moment Update 2. If you want to try them out before they are officially released, you can join the Windows Insider Release Preview Channel for early access.
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