Windows 8 copying prohibited tv shows


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May 26, 2009
Hi everyone. i am deanie44 and I am new to the community. I downloaded and installed the Window 8 comsumer preview on an old Compaq system(SR5210x). I like Windows 8.
I downloaded Windows Media Center to record shows so I could watch them on my Windows 7 pc. I have a Hauppauge 1600 installed in the Compaq pc. The shows record without any problems, but when I try to watch them on the w7 pc I receive an error message that copying is prohibited. I can only watch the tv shows on the pc I recorded them on. I have a home network, which I can transfer the files from w8 to w7. Is there any way I can resolve this issue? Can I stream them with a player? Any assistance will be helpful. deanie44
Is the behavior different in Win 8 than Win 7?

You do have Windows Media Center set up of your Windows 7 system and are using it to stream the video?

What type of video are you recording? Some may have imbedded protection? I stream OTA video from my HTPC to my desktop and it works fine using Windows Media Center.

You might try the Windows Media Player to see the video. It uses a lower quality so it might allow you to stream.
My thought is that perhaps the newer version, Win 8 RP, beta OS would help to solve the problem. Win 8 RP does include many fixes over Win 8 CP. I would do a Custom (Clean) install of Win 8 RP.
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