CORSAIR iCUE updated to v3.33.246
CUE v3.33.246 Patch Notes::
  • Certain products will now require a firmware update to be applied before software features can be configured

  • Water Color Lighting Effect has been added as a new pattern for RGB keyboards

  • Resolved an issue for ICUE NEXUS that deleting and restoring cross-device screens caused screen reposition issues

  • Resolved an issue that iCUE became unresponsive while editing settings for iCUE NEXUS

  • Resolved an issue that assigned Email Application for Action was not working

  • Resolved an issue with VIRTUOSO/SE FW update was not continued when switching from Wireless to USB mode

  • Implemented Support for Additional 8-LED Fan Products for all iCUE Lighting Devices (Commander Pro, Lighting Night Pro/Core, etc.)

  • Launch Application - Browser - Added Placeholder text for the URL text box

  • Added correct icons corresponding to selected media action when assigning them to a screen for NEXUS

  • Moved the button size is next to element size drop down for NEXUS

  • Resolved an issue with adding a Disable Action from the Actions Library causes iCUE to crash

  • CORSAIR ONE (2019+) cross-device screen has been updated for NEXUS

  • Resolved an issue issue for NEXUS - Audio - EQ and Surround sound cannot be changed if Windows Spatial Sound is enabled

  • Resolved an issue for NEXUS with deleting the first screen and the hamburger icon not appearing properly

  • Resolved an issue with Clock widget showing 12 AM when time mode is set to 12 hours

  • Resolved an issue with Italian Language and certain parts of the UI are cut off on smaller resolutions

  • Resolved other various minor bugs and issues

Corsair Utility Engine updated (iCUE) to v3.34.161

no patch notes
CORSAIR iCUE updated to v3.34.170
iCUE v3.34.170 Patch Notes::

Update: v3.34.170: Added gameSDK support for Ghostrunner.
  • Resolved an issue causing extra CPU resource load - this is an issue that we will continue to improve as we audit the software to find the root cause(s) of unnecessary CPU load

  • Implemented Support of LS100 Strips for Commander Pro/Lighting Node PRO

  • Added Images to Mode Descriptions for K100

  • Dial Control renamed to Control Wheel

  • Changed the support URL in iCUE

  • Added Spatial Sound Icon for all Audio Products if spatial sound is enabled

  • Help message was added to Onboard Profiles Tab for K100

  • Changed lock indicator color function for K100 under Performance Tab

  • Added change widget color settings for Nexus

  • Resolved an issue for Nexus that DIY Devices disappears from Widgets Sidebar after Windows Lock or Sleep

  • Resolved an issue for Nexus that Cooler Screen, using buttons to control fans stops the pump from reacting to different performance modes through button press

  • Resolved an issue for Nexus that Lighting Link does not resume from Windows Lock

  • Resolved an issue for K100 that turning off all dial modes and moving the dial crashes iCUE

  • Resolved issue for K100 that Actions Start Settings Lighting also lights up the Macro and Mute indicators

  • Resolved an issue with CORSAIR ONE PRO and non-PRO systems not sharing lighting profiles

  • Resolved an issue for KATAR series mice that Launch Application cannot open Google Chrome in web browser

  • Resolved an issue for PSU - AX1600i that PSU disconnected with iCUE after sleep/hibernate when it is in Custom Curve mode

  • Resolved an issue for LS100 that Spiral Rainbow Lighting effect does not work as intended

  • Resolved an issue for Void Pro USB that mic cannot be unmuted

  • Resolved an issue with crackling on VIRTUOSO headsets with 24 bit sample format

  • Resolved an issue that launch Browser from ICUE does not work

  • Resolved an issue that iCUE crashes if user selects the active profile

  • Resolved an issue that Modifier on Rebind Doesn't Persist Even if Button is Held

  • Resolved an issue for Profile Switching that in folder only option is not working right

  • Resolved an issue that sound clipping on all headsets when playing certain sounds

  • Resolved an issue in the 3.33 profile switching that may result in a crash

  • Resolved an issue with "Disable key if Lock button is On"

  • MacOS only: Resolved an issue that Start/Stop ~~sound playback~~ settings applies to all actions even actions without start/stop features
CORSAIR iCUE updated to v3.35.152
iCUE v3.35.152 Patch Notes::
  • Removed Audio Repositioning from Stereo Headsets

  • Slightly improved the microphone for HS60 Haptic

  • Resolved an issue for MacOS that iCUE is not responding after changing from remap key action to macro action.

  • Resolved an issue for MacOS that iCUE stops responding when a macro action with delay interrupts itself

  • Resolved an issue for Wireless Devices that both Device and Dongle Polling Rate boxes are displaying information even though device is directly connected by USB

  • Resolved an issue that creating new profiles always sets the mouse DPI to Default Stage 1

  • Resolved an issue for K57 RGB Wireless that Disable Action does not work on Volume up and Volume Down

  • Resolved an issue for Lighting Effect Solid that Colors are stacked

  • Resolved an issue that creating lighting effect for Elite Capelix on an HID HW Profile can crash iCUE

  • Implemented mandatory firmware update for Capellix Coolers to address a rare issue that causes the device to not be detected properly in iCUE

  • Resolved other various minor bugs and issues
CORSAIR iCUE updated to v3.36.125
iCUE v3.36.125 Patch Notes::
  • We now have plugin support for customizing RGB lighting on NVIDIA 3080FE and 3090FE cards. For this first implementation, the RGB zone can be customized and sync with the rest of your ICUE compatible devices. In future versions, we will allow you to control the brightness of the white logo and will also be implementing fan control.

  • Added PHOGS! profiles to iCUE 3.36

  • Implemented Button Optimization for Harpoon RGB Wireless - this allows you to adjust the debounce time on your mouse clicks

  • Resolved an issue that if update iCUE directly, it will show (1) after product name

  • Resolved an issue that iCUE does not show indicators for buttons that have already been assigned

  • Resolved an issue for iCUE Actions macro with Double Click

  • Resolved an issue for Nexus that able to press Mute/Unmute mic on Void Wireless headsets while the mic boom is up

  • Resolved an issue for Nexus that Unable to type a key for Actions-Macro-Keyboard Events

  • Resolved an issue that certain Hydro Series Coolers incorrectly showing a tool tip to rearrange fan order

  • Resolved an issue that Lighting zones for the Elite Capellix pump cap rings are off by 90 degrees

  • Resolved an issue for Headsets that the microphone UI is outside of the iCUE Window when the iCUE language is changed

  • Resolved an issue that iCUE crashes when trying to save certain profiles onto the K100

  • Resolved an issue that ICUE crashes when clicking image of M55 RGB Pro after sleep state

  • Resolved an issue that Lighting Profiles cannot be imported for CORSAIR ONE (2019+) systems

  • Resolved other various minor bugs and issues
CORSAIR iCUE updated to v3.37.140
iCUE v3.37.140 Patch Notes::
  • Implemented Support for Lenovo Y760

  • 3080/3090 Founders Edition Cards – Implemented lighting control of the RTX logo - please note this is a single color zone only by design

  • Implemented Cooling Component for Nvidia 3080/3090 Founders Edition Cards – users will now be able to modify fan speeds for these two cards directly in iCUE

  • Changed Sleep Mode timers for both Performance and Power Saving Mode for KATAR PRO Wireless

  • Resolved iCUE crashing when user disable Show only connected devices option on MacOS

  • Resolved an issue with Hydro Series Elite Capellix Coolers not showing images properly

  • Resolved a crash Involving Corsair_Service_DisplayAdapter

  • Resolved an issue for iCUE that Macro Actions are unable to interrupt themselves

  • Resolved an issue with KATAR PRO Wireless unable to connect to iCUE

  • Resolved an issue for KATAR PRO Wireless not pairing with the dongle after a firmware update

  • Resolved an issue for K100 that Disabling "Show Tutorial Tooltips" makes iCUE close the settings page

  • Resolved an issue for K100 that after restarting ICUE, the Brightness Control function still works even though all functions are disabled (Mac OS + Win 10)
CORSAIR iCUE updated to v3.38.61

CORSAIR iCUE v3.38.61

3.38.61 | 03/15/2021
iCUE v3.38.61 Patch Notes::
  • Resolved an issue with updating HS70XB

  • Resolved an issue with language detection on install

  • Resolved an issue with KATAR Wireless undergoing a pairing issue after a firmware update

  • Resolved an issue with ASUS and NVIDIA FE GPU showing up simultaneously

  • Resets to Default for Sleep Timers have been added for all new KATAR (2020) mice

  • Updated all URLs to use https://

  • ASUS plugin was updated to v1.2.2

  • Resolved an issue with profile switching not working when retain original is enabled

  • Resolved various minor bugs and issues
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So what's the difference between the 2 versions? In that link there's the 3.38.61 and then the 4.9.350. Is the 4 series a beta or the new replacement?
ICUE has changed with a new version available ( you can still access the old version). More details can be found here:
The new version of iCUE features the same incredibly robust control over the full suite of CORSAIR components and peripherals, now with a more streamlined user interface that makes it easier to take advantage of iCUE’s capabilities with simple step-by-step tutorials and real-time visual representations of your programming.

New Highlights
  • Scenes replace instant lighting
  • Sensors can be added directly to the iCUE home screen
  • Integrated tutorials

For those of you who have been using CORSAIR iCUE for years, or if you're new to the CORSAIR iCUE Ecosystem, we've put together some tutorials that will get you started in taking advantage of all the different features available to you.

Click Here to read through our Blog article for a quick introduction of the new features and a full compatibility list to verify if your devices will work with CORSAIR iCUE 4. If you're looking for comprehensive step-by-step feature walk-throughs, you can clink the link below for our CORSAIR iCUE 4 Tutorial Playlist, which will be automatically updated with the latest videos.

CORSAIR LABS How-To: iCUE 4 Tutorial Playlist
CORSAIR iCUE v4.13.223

4.13.223 | 07/07/2021
CORSAIR iCUE v4.420.169 released:
CORSAIR iCUE v4.20.169

4.20.169 | 02/03/2022
Software Enhancements
  • The ASUS Integration now has a lighting effect assigned by default
  • Resolved an issue with the Color Wheel showing the wrong color after an edit
  • Resolved an issue with Lighting Link working improperly with Windows 11
  • Lighting Link > Temperature will no longer have an empty dropdown for sensor selection
CORSAIR iCUE v4.21.173 released:

4.21.173 | 03/02/2022

  • Discord Certified headsets will now appear with a ‘Certified’ tag under Voice and Audio > Input Device / Output Device
  • Updated CPUID SDK to expand CPU and motherboard detection
  • Certain icons and tooltips have been improved for a better overall user experience
  • Numbers have been removed from duplicate devices of the same type but may still appear due to
  • firmware updates done with a hub – this will be fixed in a future release
  • iCUE will no longer be stuck if the user cancels a request to uninstall
  • iCUE installer window can now be dragged across different screens
  • Resolved an issue with the sliders associated with Scenes creation
  • Lighting Effects are now displayed in the same alphabetical order across all device types
  • Resolved various translation text errors