Could not connect to a site.

ok, i will explain this in short sentences.

1. i have 1 router with 2 computers.. i both checked their IP's using the .. turned out they have both same IP.

2. then i went to Download Angry Birds to download the demo version of angrybirds.

3. my first computer could not download it, it says "unable to connect" , but my second computer can download perfectly..

4. so now, i bought the angry birds game from rovio, i used my 1st computer to activate the game, guess what, activation cannot connect, so i cannot activate my game in 1st computer, but can activate in my 2nd computer..

5. what can be the problem with my 1st computer? they have both same IP's

help pls. :D


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Your system will have two types of IP address - internal and external. The router will have an external address to connect to your service provider. When you it will report this address - which will show as the same for both pc's. Each of your pc's will have an internal ip address - these will be allocated by your router and will be different for each of the two pc's.

It would be helpful to see exactly what addresses are being assigned on your system. You can find this by going to start programs, accessories, command prompt. At the command line enter this command:

ipconfig /all >desktop/ipconfig.txt

This will create a short report called ipconfig.txt on your desktop. If you wish you can then post the file on here and we can help you interpret it.

ok, i have attached the ipconfig file, pls help me know what can be the problem..

coz i cannot download the latest angry birds installers, and i cant even UPDATE the angry birds..

its like my IP is banned. 8o|

View attachment ipconfig.txt

nvm, i already fixed the problem, it was in hosts file.


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Congratulations - thanks for letting us know.

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