Windows 7 Countdown to MIX11: Get Your Science On

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    When the content team plans sessions for MIX not only do they take into account practicality and applicability, but
    they also are tasked with programming inspirational content. And a lot of that mind-blowing, peek into the future content comes from the big brains working at and partnering with Microsoft Research. Charles Torre joins us this week to talk about the R&D presence at MIX this year, including both sessions and our MSR TechFest that will be held in the Connect Lounge. The research scholars speaking at MIX this year include Doug Crockford, Allen Wirfs-Brock, Luke Hoban, Tomasz Janczuk, James Mickens, Zhengyou Zhang, and Ivan Tashev. Be sure to see their sessions either in person at the event, or shortly afterwards on-line. Plus, we congratulate the winner of our green screen background challenge, Chris Hardy, of Manchester, England. May the force be with you! We also dug the three entries from @marciobueno, especially the Forrest Gump one. Life's a box of chocolates, Forrest. For all the goods, check out



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