Creative SoundBlaster Live! 5.1..CT4832 driver for Windows 7!

I just want a working driver for this particular sound card..any help or lead is appreciated, thanx a ton in advance!

my model is CT 4832....

On the Creative website, it says this card is too old....


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I had that card when Vista came out 2 years ago. It did not contain drivers for and Creative Labs would not supply drivers for it. I could get it to do sounds, but nothing else.

If you are trying to run some utility with it, you might try a compatibility mode.

Here's to everyone who wants a working driver for the ( Sound card Sound Blaster Live CT4832) And more listed, A friend Gave me the site to the drivers and they rock, The site is : Official kX Project Site -- News Go to the right, Under Latest driver version Select the first one listed if your in windows 7 or xp , Trust me it works Read all installer Notes and information like when it says don't restart from the installation, I don't know why but I didnt. And after its done your sound will work Im using windows 7 and I have this Sound Blaster Live Card and its working great. Sound Blaster Live Working Great #1.jpg Sound Blaster Live Working Great #2.jpg Sound Blaster Live Working Great #3.jpg Have fun with this awesome Sounding card :p:D Soundblaster Sound card.jpg

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Welcome zdeamon nice first post. The kxproject have served creative owners well for quite a time now. :)

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